What, Where, and How to get there


Organized events are always location focused. Event planning & management agencies, ticket agencies, portals can surely use mapping services with success in publishing information and supporting the audience in finding events.

What is the audience looking for? Some people want to know what events are there to attend, how to get there, what to do before and after (search for a place to eat, drink etc.). Others are interested in organizing special events and are looking for places to rent. Other customers prefer to hire an agency for the task. At the same time, they want to find out about locations the agency offers or details on other events organized by the same agency. With minimal effort, you can provide them all these information on your website, creating a superb user experience, which makes them loyal to your services.


Map applications

Guide your clients, help their search by providing location based tools on your website. Typical event planning applications to think of:

  • Mark event locations on the map,
  • Provide specific search and routing tools,
  • Show locations offered for rent to organize special events (with links to descriptive information and images),
  • Publish the logistics of large scale events (festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, highlighting transportation, accommodation, catering possibilities) nearby.

The deployment with MAPCAT is easier than you would think. You can find the best fitting plan in our portfolio, on reasonable prices.

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