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Boost your travel agency site with map services - blog post


Trips with only pleasant surprises

Map services for travel agents

No traveller would like to meet unexpected difficulties on their trips. Thus, it is a good idea for travel agencies, tour organizers, guides or tourist information services to aid their customers by embedding maps and mapping tools on their sites. With MAPCAT, you can easily prepare for your travels, or be able can help others in their preparations.

Most travellers want to know what to expect on the site they’re about to visit. They need to search for places before the trip, collect details, maybe mark places and  share information with others. Finally, once on the road, they’ll need to find their way. After the trip, they might want to link memories to visited places and share their experiences.


Map services for satisfied clients

Consequently: they need maps and tools for these. Should you give them handy applications and useful information, you’ll sure attract customers to your site. Here, a few examples on what tools you could provide:

  • Mark travel locations on specific, interactive map layers to highlight your offers on travel destinations,
  • Show accommodations on map, support booking with descriptive information, and also advanced search opportunity for addresses,
  • Support detailed search and custom visualization of tourist attractions as well as showing recommended itineraries,
  • Support advanced, keyword-based search of points of interests to find restaurants, shops, offices, services etc. that match specific demands of the traveller,
  • Provide multi-profile route planner, give turn-by-turn directions to support both long-distance and local route planning.

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