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New feature: Sidebar!

Every place – whether it is a city, a town or just a building – holds a lot of information to learn. Information means power and users will not waste valuable time searching for info when they can get all…

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MAPCAT on 2 wheels – bicycle route planner

Watch OpenStreetMap come to life on the handiest map portal and be part of a new bike routing experience! With our new OSM-based world map portal, cycle routing will be as easy and detailed as possible.  So it’s time to change…

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MAPCAT for fleet management

Fleet management with MAPCAT

Are your operating a taxi or freight company? Is your company in the rescue or security sector? Then you surely need a fleet management system, supported by a detailed and reliable GIS engine. Save your company time and money with…

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Car, bicycle, pedestrian routing

MAPCATs always find their way home

Especially with our route planner, no matter if they drive, walk, cycle or use public transport mapcat.com will offer you world-class routing services for cars, bicycles, pedestrians as well as public transport. All of them are based on the highly detailed,…

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