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POI data cleaning

Everything you have to know about the POI classification   You may have read in our earlier blog post how we handle POIs on MAPCAT. Our goal is to make the user interface easy to use, so we created layers…

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New feature: Sidebar!

Every place – whether it is a city, a town or just a building – holds a lot of information to learn. Information means power and users will not waste valuable time searching for info when they can get all…

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Points of interest

POI management on MAPCAT

Many of you have made comments about missing POI types, etc. on MAPCAT, therefore we’d  like to draw your attention on how we handle POIs on our site. POI visualization As our portal uses exclusively the OpenStreetMap database, we take every…

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Feedback summary

Launch week review

Woooow, what a week! While many of you are enjoying the summer holidays, we have never been as busy as last week. But finally, we have launched our world map portal in beta!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the early…

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MAPCAT screenshot - POI

Get to know our services: advanced search&POI management

Our objective is to provide your business gorgeous maps, refined address and POI search and multi-profile directions as a professional service. With our advanced search engine, you will easily find any place by typing the address or even  a fragment…

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Points of interest

MAPCATs know all nearby restaurants

And not only restaurants, but thousands of POI types.  Our objective is to make it easy for you to find any place according to your interest, with the least efforts from your side, as easy as possible. That’s why we…

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