Support OSM, and we support you

Are you an individual OSM developer contributing to OSM database improvement? Use MAPCAT services to ease your work. We offer our free plan to serve OSM Community work.

Free package for OSM contributorsOur map is 100% based on OpenStreetMap, and as OSM contributors ourselves, we are committed to make this database as good as possible, and always up-to-date. Our aim is to provide a beautiful and easy-to-use map service built on the database of OSM. Therefore we are also committed to help the community by providing easy-to-use tools that enable you keeping this database up-to-date.

Edit OSM with us

Furthermore, you can make commits to the OSM database directly on our site. Open the Edit menu, and you can immediately use your usual Id Editor. All commits are directly fed to the OSM database and they will also appear on our map with some possible latency.

We are strongly committed to provide services that fulfill real needs of the users, especially the OSM-community. Therefore we are open to any comments or recommendations. So please, let us know what you think of the MAPCAT site and what services would make map editing easier for you. You can do so on the site, on our social media sites as well as in email: info&

Check out MAPCAT now. If you provide free tools to support bulk operations, quality checks, implement applications to view or analyse OSM data, MAPCAT will in return also support you for free.

Should you outgrow the free plan, contact us to discuss further possibilities.

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