Introducing a simple map editor tool

When you want to add only a few details to a POI or address, you don’t need to open the IdEditor any more, as MAPCAT offers you a new simple solution. You will only need your OSM account at hand.


We at MAPCAT strongly believe that YOU (our private and corporate users) are the ones having the most accurate location-based info about their surroundings. That is why we are focusing on map editing on our public map site. So far you had the opportunity to use OSM’s IdEditor via MAPCAT, but as promised, we have developed and proud to present you our own simple map editing feature!

How to use the simple editor?

Opening our map portal in your browser, click on the name of any POI to have the left sidebar open up. You’ll find a pencil icon on the right,  under the image of the chosen location. Clicking this icon will enable the Simple Edit feature.
First, to be able to edit any information available for the chosen POI, you’ll need to grant us access to your OSM account. This is an important step because only this way can you take credit for all the new information that you have added or modified!





Simple map editing tool in MAPCAT

Our data on all the editable POIs comes from two sources: some of it is from the OpenStreetMap database and some from Wikidata. The way to edit a piece of information varies depending on the source.






Simple map editor tool

On the editing panel, there are two columns: the gray column describes the type of the information and the orange text is the data itself. Click on any orange text and start typing the new information that you’d like to add. In the bottom section of the editor, there are some additional data from the Wikidata which can be validated by clicking the small bracket on its left side. We kindly advise you to add pieces of Wikidata info, as this will enrich the OSM database and help the whole community.


You can reset your changes by closing the editor (clicking the (X) in the top right corner) and reopening it.

When you’re done editing, click on the red SAVE button on the top left corner to save your work. 

Please beware that before you are done, you’ll need to comment on your changes otherwise you won’t be able to save your work! After saving, the editor closes up and you can refresh the screen or close the sidebar then open it again by clicking the edited locations name to see the modifications you have made.

Please note that the map editing feature is currently unavailable on mobile devices! To use it, you are going to need to open it on a personal computer’s browser.

Please don’t forget to leave us feedback in case you have encountered any problems! Thank you and we hope you like our new feature!


    • MAPCAT

      There are 3 kinds of data types: node, way and relation. Simple edit only appears if it’s a node type POI. If you have the time we and the community around your vicinity would be grateful if you could fix it.
      You have the opportunity to edit the map database via the Id Editor tool of OpenStreetMap, without leaving our site. Log in to the editor with your existing OSM account. All commits will be fed directly and promptly into the OSM database and reflected on the OSM map. We also refresh our map database from OSM periodically, so your changes will be visible also on MAPCAT.
      If you have questions about id Editor you can contact us through where you can also send us screenshots so we can see the specific area and help you create a perfect map for your needs.

    • MAPCAT

      You can use simple edit only if you click on a POI, if you want to edit other things you can use the pencil icon on the top left corner and edit via OSM 🙂
      If you still have questions or still can’t find the icon just let us know and we will contact you through e-mail.
      Thank you for your comment.

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