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MAPCAT Privacy policy

Document version: 06/04/2018


This privacy policy sets out how MAPCAT, the registered trademark of GLI Solutions Kft. (registered seat: H-1117 Budapest, Szerémi út 7/B 103., tax ID number: HU24356415, registration number: 01-09-173337) uses and protects any information that you give when you use any of the MAPCAT websites, namely,   https://maps.mapcat.com, 

“Personal data” means information relating to you or another identifiable individual.

We will give you additional privacy information that is specific to a Service or Subscription in supplements to this Privacy Policy and other notices you may see while using our Services. If there is a difference between such notices and this Privacy Policy, the notices should be considered first.

Software on your device may access your information. Our Services may contain links to other companies’ websites and services, social networking sites that have privacy policies of their own. Mapcat is not responsible for the privacy practices of others and we recommend you read their privacy notices.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please, do not use our Services or do not provide MAPCAT with your personal data.

This Privacy Policy relates to the collection of both personal data and non-personal data (e.g. data used for preparing statistics independent from individuals).

All notions not specified herein shall bear the meaning specified in the Legal Terms.


MAPCAT has established the data protection principles, based on which it shall protect the personal data of the users of the Site in the most discreet and secure possible manner – and in accordance with the effective legal regulations. In accordance with this, we ensure you that we shall not give out to third party the data necessary for purchasing or registering, except if the authorities rule of this otherwise.


What Information Do We Collect?

We collect your personal data and other information when you use or register into our Services, take part in campaigns or research or otherwise interact with us. This includes following categories:

  • MAPCAT Services may require electronic activation, where your device and application type, as well as unique device, application, network and subscription identifiers are sent to MAPCAT.
  • When you access our Services online, our web servers automatically create records of your visit. These records typically include IP-address, access times, the sites linked from, pages visited, the links and features used, the content viewed or requested, browser or application type, language and other such information.
  • Our applications may contact our servers periodically, for example to check for updates or to send us information relating to service usage. Additionally, we may invite you to join voluntary service improvement or research programs where detailed information is collected.
  • Location-based services establish location through the use of satellite, mobile, Wi-Fi or other network based positioning methods. These technologies may involve exchanging your location data and unique device and mobile, Wi-Fi or other network related identifiers with MAPCAT. Our products may operate on multiple device platforms, applications and services which may also collect your location data. We do not use this information to identify you personally without your consent. When you use our location based services and features, for example location based search, navigation and routing, or request for map data, your location data is sent to MAPCAT to serve you with the right content, which may also include location based advertising. However, when first entering the MAPCAT Site, an automated message will appear, asking if you agree that we access your location data for the above detailed purposes. Here you have the opportunity to disapprove this possibility.

We may ask for information such as your name, email address, phone number, street address, user names and passwords, feedback, information relating to your devices, age, gender, and language, bank account number, credit card details and other such financial information.  We also maintain records of your consents, preferences and settings relating to, for example, location data, marketing and sharing of personal data.


Registration data

MAPCAT respects the rights ensuring the protection of the personal data of the users of the Site. Based on this data protection declaration, you may decide what data you give on the Site. MAPCAT shall manage you data given on the Site in accordance with those set forth herein. Your data provision is in each case voluntary.

Upon giving your personal data, you authorize MAPCAT to utilize the data given by you in concordance with this Privacy Policy until the withdrawal of your consent for purpose related to Services provided via the Site. By registering on the Site, you unequivocally and explicitly consent that Mapcat may send you notifications fitting to the topic of the Site, your consent is voluntary and happened in possession of adequate information.

Upon creating the Site, we did our utmost for that the majority of the Content and Services available on the Site may be accessed even without giving your personal data, however, editing and submitting Materials, and availing Subscruption Services is possible exclusively after giving your personal data. This Privacy Policy is available anytime, directly from the pages of the Site.

You are entitled to limit or prohibit that MAPCAT utilizes, records your personal data given on the Site. You are entitled to request MAPCAT to delete your personal data. Please, send us your related requests to us to the e-mail address on the contact page or via the online contact form. Also, in the email messages we send you, we always provide the possibility to unsubscibe from the newsletter service.
MAPCAT shall not share the personal data given voluntarily via the Site without the consent of the data owner. Exceptions are mandatory data provision originating from current legal regulations (in case of obligations comforting governmental authorities, summons, judicial orders, etc).
The data given voluntarily, if not specified separately on the place of giving the data on the Site, may be used by MAPCAT for the following and solely for those listed here:
– invitation for the subscription to the newsletters of the Company,
– sending automatic newsletters and notifications about our services,
– sending confirmation (transactional) emails after you have concluded any transaction (e.g. purchase of services) on our Site,
– sending messages of promotional purpose in connection with the Services,
– replying to you in case you have contacted us with any issues or questions.

Cookie policy

The appropriate operation of the Site and the appropriate operation of the Services may require the usage of cookies. In such cases, if the cookies are enabled in the browser of the visitor, the usage of cookies is automatic. The cookies that the browser of the visitor saves on the computer of the visitor, does not contain personal data, they contain only pieces of information usable by the Site, the purpose of which is that the Site is able to identify the visitor, thus, the returning visitor does not need to give again certain data already given and registered on the Site.

You can review the options available to manage cookies in your browser. The browser can be used to manage cookies relating to basic functions, site improvement, personalization and advertising. Different browsers use different ways to disable cookies, but they are usually found under a Tools or Options menu. You can also consult the browser’s help menu. In addition to cookie management, browsers usually let you control files similar to cookies, for example Local Shared Objects, e.g. by enabling the browser’s privacy mode.

The Site may also include elements that set cookies on behalf of a third party, e.g. a “Like”-button from Facebook or a “Tweet”-button from Twitter. You may be able to opt-out from certain third party-managed advertising cookies through third party cookie management sites, such as DoubleClick, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Adwords, etc.

The usage of cookies is only an opportunity for the more comfortable browsing of the Site, you can disable the usage of cookies in your own browser anytime. It is not excluded, however, that some Services and Content require the possibilities given by cookies, thus, it may occur that these Services and Content will not be available with browsers in which the opportunity of cookies is switched off. Mapcat shall not link such anonym data collected automatically with personal data, and shall not use them for any other purposes. We use cookies to offer you a smoother experience as follows:

Basic functions
These cookies are essential for running our web sites and are the key to providing you a seamless experience. You can navigate uninterrupted e.g. by remembering language and country choices you’ve made and by preserving authentication to secure parts of the domain. These cookies also remember products of interest when you are redirected to an Operator site for a possible purchase.

Site improvement
These cookies enable us to improve our websites by looking at how they are used. We do analytical profiling to understand e.g. unique users reading a particular article (to know what is popular) or if a video file was viewed or abandoned half way through. We also look at where content is accessed so we know how to arrange our sites for optimal user experience. We count clicks on “Like” and “Tweet” plugins and what content from our sites was shared or referenced.

These cookies help us make the content as personalized as possible, for example by showing you targeted banners and relevant recommendations. We examine what type of reference was used to reach our sites, e.g. an email campaign or a link from a referral site, so we can estimate the effectiveness of our promotions and advertising campaigns.

We use these cookies to dynamically serve MAPCAT ads on both MAPCAT and selected third party websites. Currently, we may also host 3rd party advertising on the MAPCAT site through Google AdSense. These ads are not provided by MAPCAT. We may expand 3rd party advertising to other MAPCAT sites in future, or change the service provider. The advertising campaings initiated by MAPCAT may include remarketing campaigns, provided by third-party service providers, such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics Advertising Features or Facebook. These service providers also use cookies to show MAPCAT advertisements personalized based on your past visits to the MAPCAT website. If you do not agree to receive such remarketing messages, you can opt out Google’s use of cookies in your Google account settings: My account/Personal info/Ads Setting as well as in your browser settings.

We will do all reasonable measures for the security and protection of the information. MAPCAT shall handle the personal and non-personal data it has received as confidential data, for which the non-disclosure obligation is also valid. MAPCAT shall make all security measures expectable from it in order to ensure the protection of the data of the data subjects especially against the unauthorized access, modification, forwarding, publication, deletion or destroy, as well as the incidental destruction and damage. By your registration, you acknowledge however that the protection of data cannot be entirely guaranteed on the Internet. Based on these, MAPCAT shall not be liable for occurrent unauthorized access or cognition of data, as well as damage originating therefrom occurring despite the above security efforts.

How Do We Address The Privacy of Children?

MAPCAT Services are typically intended for general audiences. MAPCAT does not knowingly collect information of children without the consent of their parents or guardians.

How Do We Address Data Quality?

We take reasonable steps to keep the personal data we possess accurate and to delete incorrect or unnecessary personal data. We also encourage you to access your personal data through your account from time to time to ensure that it is up to date.

What Steps Are Taken To Safeguard Personal Data?

Privacy and security are key considerations in the creation and provision of our Services. We have assigned specific responsibilities to address privacy and security related matters. We enforce our internal policies and guidelines through an appropriate selection of activities, including proactive and reactive risk management, security and privacy engineering, training and assessments. We take appropriate steps to address online security, physical security, risk of data loss and other such risks taking into consideration the risk represented by the processing and the nature of the data being protected. Also, we limit access to our data bases containing personal data to authorized persons having a justified need to access such information.

Why Do We Process Personal Data?

MAPCAT may process your personal data for the following purposes. One or more purposes may apply simultaneously.

  • Providing products and services – We may use your personal data to provide you with our products and services, to process your requests or as otherwise may be necessary to perform the contract between you and MAPCAT, to ensure the functionality and security of our products and services, to identify you as well as to prevent and investigate fraud and other misuses.
  • Accounts- Some services may require an account to help you manage your content and preferences.
  • Developing and managing products and services – We may use your personal data to develop and manage our products, services, customer care, sales and marketing. We may combine personal data collected in connection with your use of a particular MAPCAT product and/or service with other personal data we may have about you, unless such personal data was collected for a different purpose.
  • Communicating with you – We may use your personal data to communicate with you, for example to inform you that our services have changed or to send you critical alerts and other such notices relating to our products and/or services and to contact you for customer care related purposes.
  • Marketing, advertising and making recommendations – We may contact you to inform you of new products, services or promotions we may offer and to conduct market research when we have your consent or it is otherwise allowed. We may use your personal data to personalize our offering and to provide you with more relevant services, for example, to make recommendations and to display customized content and advertising in our services. This may include displaying MAPCAT and third party content.

Do We Share Personal Data?

We do not sell, lease, rent or otherwise disclose your personal data to third parties unless otherwise stated below.

  • Your consent and social sharing services We may share your personal data if we have your consent to do so. Some services may allow you to share your personal data with other users of the service or with other services and their users. Please consider carefully before disclosing any personal data or other information that might be accessible to other users.
  • Mapcat companies and authorized third parties We may share your personal data with other MAPCAT companies or authorized third parties who process personal data for MAPCAT for the purposes described in this Policy. This may include for example billing through your network service provider or otherwise, delivery of your purchases, providing services including customer service, managing and analyzing consumer data, credit checks, conducting research and managing marketing and other such campaigns. When you purchase a MAPCAT product from us with a network service provider plan, we may need to exchange information with your network service provider to provide you with such service.
  • We may conduct joint marketing and other communications with our partners, for example your mobile operator. To avoid duplicate or unnecessary communications and to tailor the message to you we may need to match information that MAPCAT has collected with information that the partner has collected where this is permitted by law. These authorized third parties are not permitted to use your personal data for any other purposes. We require them to act consistently with this Policy and to use appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.
  • International transfers of personal data.  Our products and services may be provided using resources and servers located in various countries around the world. Therefore your personal data may be transferred across international borders outside the country where you use our services, including to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) that do not have laws providing specific protection for personal data or that have different legal rules on data protection, for example, the United States of America. In such cases we ensure that there is a legal basis for such a transfer and that adequate protection for your personal data is provided as required by applicable law, for example, by using standard agreements approved by relevant authorities (where necessary) and by requiring the use of other appropriate technical and organizational information security measures.
  • Mandatory disclosures We may be obligated by mandatory law to disclose your personal data to certain authorities or other third parties, for example, to law enforcement agencies in the countries where we or third parties acting on our behalf operate. We may also disclose and otherwise process your personal data in accordance with applicable law to defend Mapcat’s legitimate interests, for example, in civil or criminal legal proceedings.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions If we decide to sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganize our businesses in certain countries, this may involve us disclosing personal data to purchasers and their advisers, or receiving personal data from sellers and their advisers. In case of concluding such a transaction, we will notify our users about the transaction and inform them about the deadline to unsubscribe from our services in case they do not consent that the new owner accesses their personal data. After passing this deadline, we may disclose the personal data of remaining users of the site with the purchaser and their advisers.

Data protection regulation

During its operation, The Company observes the provisions on data management of Acts CXII of 2011, CXIX of 1995, LXVI of 1992 and CVIII of 2011.
Based on the act on electronic commerce, the Company may manage those personal data for the purpose of supply of services on the website that are technically inevitable for the sale of services (creation of contract, specifying and modifying its content, monitoring its performance, invoicing the fees originating therefrom, as well as enforcing claims in connection with that), however, even in such a case, only to the necessary extent and time. The provision of data is voluntary, but the omission thereof may hinder the performance of the Services.

You may request information of the management of your personal data from MAPCAT in writing in registered or registered return receipt requested letter sent to the address of MAPCAT, or in e-mail sent to the e-mail address. The information request sent in e-mail shall be considered as authentic only if sent from the e-mail address of the requestor given earlier.
MAPCAT makes it possible during the entire term of the data management that you prohibit the data management of such purpose either in addressed electronic advertisement or with declaration of such content sent to the e-mail address. In such a case, the data deletion shall be performed promptly by Mapcat. You acknowledge that, in case you request the deletion of such data that are necessary for the Services provided via the Site (e.g. name, address), MAPCAT will not be able to provide it in the future for the specific person and, therefore, it will delete your registration on the Site.

You are entitled to the right of protest against the management of personal data as well. In case you do not agree with the decision of MAPCAT made based on your protest, you may appeal to the court for remedy, address the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C., or Commissioner for Fundamental Rights (1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 22.; postacím: 1387 Budapest Pf. 40.).


The termination of the registration

We of course make it possible for you to cancel the registration and the attached benefits, which should be done as follows:

Please, indicate your such intention on the customer service e-mail address given on our contact page or on our any other availabilities. Afterwards, upon your request, we will delete all your data from our system, will not prepare copy of it and will cease all direct communication channels towards you.


The renewal of registration data

Our system makes it possible that, in case of change in your data, they can be corrected.
The modification of the data may take place after entering the Site. Alternatively, please, indicate your data modification request to us on the customer service e-mail address given on the contact page or on any of our availabilities, and we will correct your data.


General liability limitation

Everybody may visit or use the pages of the Company exclusively at his own liability. MAPCAT does not undertake liability for the losses, damage with direct or incidental consequences that originate from the occurrently false or misleading content published on its pages, as well as the existence, usage, unusable status, inappropriate operation, malfunction, pause – even if not announced in advance – related to the whole or the part of, as well as complete stop of the Site, the deletion of the content of the Site, as well as occurring from line or system error, computer virus with which it is occurently infected, or unauthorized modification of the data by anyone, as well as destruction thereof. (This statement of our does not relate to our services regulated by separate agreement or contract – in connection with which the Company shall act and be liable in accordance with those set forth in the contracts.)



The users availing the Services acknowledge that, during transferring data, data may be lost, destructed, get occurently into unauthorized hands, as well as foreign intrusion into the system may occur as a consequence of the public nature of the Internet, thus, the entered data (including personal data as well) may get into unauthorized hands. In such cases, MAPCAT shall not be burdened with any liability, the user is familiar with the risk of this way and undertakes the risk upon availing the service.

We will, of course, do our utmost in order that the data are secure, our hosting and website are handled by experts and the systems are regularly updated. We will not give the data out voluntarily to third parties – except to authorities if they have adequate authorization or permission for that.


Changes to This Privacy Policy

MAPCAT may from time to time change this Policy or change, modify or withdraw access to this site at any time with or without notice. However, if this Policy is changed in a material, adverse way, MAPCAT will post a notice advising of such change at the beginning of this Policy and on this site’s home page for 30 days. We recommend that you re-visit this Policy from time to time to learn of any such changes to this Policy.