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How to create an easy Android application with MAPCAT?

The MAPCAT map APIs help you visualize and activate any location-based data on any platform and device. In this article our developer team helps you with developing an Android map app using the MAPCAT map API. Our assets were built…

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MAPCAT beta is available

Feedback on MAPCAT Beta

The moment we all have been waiting for has arrived, and we have published our test site on maps.mapcat.com !!!!!   With this site, we offer you an exclusive opportunity to have a sneak-view to test our new, OpenStreetMap-based worldwide map portal…

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Business mapping services for real estate companies

Finding a home with MAPCAT

Buying or renting a realty is not an easy decision. When mediating properties, land and buildings for sale or to rent, real estate agencies need a good way to assist their clients in finding the best possible solution to their needs. Get to know the…

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Program management and event organization tools of MAPCAT

What, Where, and How to get there

Organized events are always location focused. Event planning & management agencies, ticket agencies, portals can surely use mapping services with success in publishing information and supporting the audience in finding events. What is the audience looking for? Some people want to know what events…

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Business mapping services for tourist info and travel companies

Trips with only pleasant surprises

No traveller would like to meet unexpected difficulties on their trips. Thus, it is a good idea for travel agencies, tour organizers, guides or tourist information services to aid their customers by embedding maps and mapping tools on their sites. With MAPCAT, you can…

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MAPCAT screenshot - POI

Get to know our services: advanced search&POI management

Our objective is to provide your business gorgeous maps, refined address and POI search and multi-profile directions as a professional service. With our advanced search engine, you will easily find any place by typing the address or even  a fragment…

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Tracking assets on the map

More than just coordinates

Tracking vehicles, devices, people or objects can be very important for various applications and companies. Positions received from the field are raw data needing to be processed first (matched to relevant map objects) then fed to specific applications for further use. MAPCAT will do the…

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MAPCAT for education or research

MAPCAT for education or research

  MAPCAT is built on data aggregated in OSM, the largest and most detailed community-edited map database in the world. Consequently, it can well serve as a basis for research and education. Are you…  a researcher involved in scientific research with geographical reference?  a…

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MAPCAT for OpenStreetMap users

Support OSM, and we support you

Are you an individual OSM developer contributing to OSM database improvement? Use MAPCAT services to ease your work. We offer our free plan to serve OSM Community work. Our map is 100% based on OpenStreetMap, and as OSM contributors ourselves, we are committed to make…

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MAPCAT screenshot - map tiles

Get to know our services: vector&raster maps

Our objective is to provide your business gorgeous maps, refined search and multi-profile directions as a professional service. According to your choice, we will offer you beautiful vector or raster (png) map tiles working with high speed, based on the…

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