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Tracking vehicles, devices or objects on the map - blog post


More than just coordinates

Track your assets on the map

Tracking vehicles, devices, people or objects can be very important for various applications and companies. Positions received from the field are raw data needing to be processed first (matched to relevant map objects) then fed to specific applications for further use. MAPCAT will do the matching for you.

Map matching, a key service to processing position data, is the operation that references GPS coordinates to relevant elements of the map and follows the routes, identifies the position of the object of the surveillance.

A few application areas of tracking:

  • Tracking mobile devices to provide location based services like navigation, advertising, alerts (e.g. weather), information on request on nearest services of a certain type;
  • Vehicle tracking for toll payment, field work management;
  • Follow the route of drones, autonomous vehicles for remote control;
  • Tracking persons for assistive healthcare;
  • Finding objects, persons in rescue operations;
  • Tracking stolen assets, goods, dangerous objects, hazardous chemicals or waste etc. for security reasons.

Do you already have reliable and affordable tracking system applied? Check out our services and change to MAPCAT.

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