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MAPCATs are quick (when they want) - blog post


MAPCATs are quick (when they want)

We also don’t want to keep you waiting, so we’ve developed our real-time map editing function for you.



We strongly believe that YOU (our users, private or business) have the most accurate location-based information and together we can make a world-class map portal that can serve a wide public audience. That’s why we would like to encourage all of you to commit any changes you experience around you, or add any missing info on the map. And we will provide a useful tool to help you do this.


If you are already an OpenStreetMap contributor, you can log into the ID Editor via mapcat.com. Your commits will be instantly visible on our map, letting you check your work. Plus, all commits are fed back to the OSM database. Simple as that.

If you haven’t used OSM yet, but are interested, you can register via mapcat.com and start editing. We are also working on simplyfied editing options for┬áthe newcomers.


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