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MAPCATs know all nearby restaurants and are POI masters - blog post


MAPCATs know all nearby restaurants

And not only restaurants, but thousands of POI types. 

Our objective is to make it easy for you to find any place according to your interest, with the least efforts from your side, as easy as possible. That’s why we have developed our advanced search engine and focused a lot on the POI (points of interest) categorization and visualization on mapcat.com.


MAPCAT - advanced POI managementSearch for places as you wish:

– our search engine will list you not only addresses, but also places corresponding the text you have typed in;
– switch on up to 5 POI layers to see all places visualized on the map and then select the places based on their availability;
– instantly plan your trip to the selected place with a click;
– look for interesting places around a selected spot;
– and all of this is based on OpenStreetMap, the most detailed community-edited world map database. So, chances are low that we will miss out your favorite bar.  (Anyway, you’ll also have the possibility to add it yourself 🙂 )


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