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MAPCATs are beautiful - blog post


MAPCATs are beautiful

Just like the fast and chic vector tiles on our map

At MAPCAT, we are all aware that world-class functionality is a must for a map portal like us, but it won’t work without an excellent user experience.
The visual style should help you with the navigation on the site, the easy identification of the map elements (buildings, hill, roads, etc.), as well as provide an esthetic experience.  We also kept in mind to provide a beautiful map design for our business users when they’ll embed our map on their sites.

For all this, we have worked a lot also on the visual execution of our site. We believe you will like the design of our map, especially the terrain mode and the appearance of the road system. In the initial phase, we will provide you normal (streets), bike and terrain view modes, that will be extended by different colour schemes and satellite view later on.


2_smallsize 1_smallsize 4_smallsize 5_smallsize

Also, the main menu is designed to help you with the navigation on the page. The top menu bar and all buttons will indicate the user story (routing for car, bike, pedestrian or map editing) you are currently using by their changing colours.


And last but now least, hope you like our beauty queen cat that will guide you on your journey. 🙂


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