MAPCATs always find their way home

Especially with our route planner, no matter if they drive, walk, cycle or use public transport

searchie will offer you world-class routing services for cars, bicycles, pedestrians as well as public transport. All of them are based on the highly detailed, community-edited database of OpenStreetMap, therefore ensuring the best possible reliability and punctuality for your convenience. For each vehicle, you will be offered alternative route plans whenever possible, detailing the estimated duration and length of the trips.


Routing for cars 

– we will let you know if the route contains toll roads;
– you can set your preferences: whether you want to use toll roads and/or ferries on your way.

Routing for bicycles

– our unique routing service will cover all countries around the globe where OSM data is available;
– we will give you information about each road section, whether it is a cycle track, a bike lane or a shared road;
– we will show you the elevation profile of the route;
– and based on all these info, we will tell you if it’s a light, medium or difficult trip, so you can easily make your choice.

Routing for pedestrians

– will be ideal for city walks, with great coverage thanks to the highly detailed OSM-database;
– public transport planner is also coming soon, so if you get tired of walking, you can easily hop on a bus or metro.

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