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MAPCATs are playful - our Unity 3d map api - blog post


MAPCATs love to play

… just like most of us.

MAPCAT Unity 3d map apiThat’s why we’ve decided to make our map available for mobile game/app developers.

Our Unity 3d map API

The Unity 3D game module will come together with the map site. It will provide you a very detailed, up-to-date world map, that you could tailor-make to fit your game design. You and your clients can enjoy most services of the online map (e.g. differentiation of road types by vehicle, routing, search, visualization). In addition, it will come in a compact and mobile-friendly version for any mobile game or app, using native and fully customizable Unity 3d based rendering. The design can be tailored to your needs, but the best possible user experience cannot be compromised.

We will provide you packages on reasonable prices and you can easily download the SDK from our business site with all technical parameters and documents.


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