MAPCATs are clever

That’s why we provide professional services for business use, too. Embedding, visualization, routing, search and much more…


We turn OpenStreetMap, the world’s most detailed and dynamic community-edited map database, into beautiful custom maps. Furthermore, we build easy-to-access tools, and provide these as cloud-services to support your application with an advanced mapping engine.


Our offer

MAPCAT map API for business solutionsOur plans are designed to serve your needs as good as possible, on reasonable prices, and presented in a way that you can quickly identify the best fitting option for you. You will find a suitable plan for public commercial use (embedding to public sites), non-public enterprise use (integrated to your system), as well as for your research or private project (for free).


Among our services

– OSM Based, worldwide, localized maps (Vector & raster maps built on OSM, with real-time refresh and custom visualizations, displaying data on the map in your own language)
– Advanced address & POI search (Detailed search and geocoding, sophisticated, localized POI filtering and custom POI visualization)
– Multi-profile, worldwide routing (Car, bike, pedestrian and transit routing, turn-by-turn directions, matching GPS coordinates to the map)
– Overly simple integration (Easy integration from scratch, simple switch from other platforms through leaflet plugins)
– Mapping for mobile (Providing MAPCAT maps and services as mapping engines for mobile Games and Apps)

and many more…


Do you have a specific need? Don’t worry, you can always contact us and we prepare you a customized offer.

You already have such a similar service? No issue, as our API is designed in a way to make it super-easy for you to change to MAPCAT.


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