Fleet management with MAPCAT


Are your operating a taxi or freight company? Is your company in the rescue or security sector? Then you surely need a fleet management system, supported by a detailed and reliable GIS engine. Save your company time and money with our business solutions.



Operation of fleets is a classic field that applies location based services, involving organizations like taxi companies, freight companies, rescue and security services etc. Your fleet management system determines operation effectiveness and has a strong impact on the productivity of the whole company. Choose efficiency through a competitive and cost-effective IT solution to support your activity.

The GIS engine is a core component of fleet management systems, its performance and costs determine the effectiveness of the complete solution. MAPCAT provides an advanced, powerful background and, at the same time, a cost-effective service that can be tailored to the exact needs of the operation. Services and tools involved:

  • Referencing GPS coordinates of tracked vehicles to transport networks, following routes and positions of vehicles on the map (map matching)
  • Address search, geocoding and reverse geocoding to determine from-to points for routes to go
  • Route planning, alternative routes for optimization of task assignments in the field

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