Finding a home with MAPCAT


Buying or renting a realty is not an easy decision. When mediating properties, land and buildings for sale or to rent, real estate agencies need a good way to assist their clients in finding the best possible solution to their needs.

Get to know the neighbourhood

MAPCAT is a perfect solution to create a comprehensive overview on the characteristics of neighbourhoods. “Is it safe? What kind of buildings can be found in the vicinity? Are there specific developments planned?” – your clients may ask. It’s also essential knowing how easily we’ll get to places important to us, or what the infrastructure is like (workplaces, schools, shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, sports facilities, a relative we want to have in an easy to approach distance etc.). And so many more aspects to consider…

Map services on your website

We might be able to collect some of these information ourselves, but we’d sure appreciate ready-to-use tools on the site of the estate agency to help us do it. Examples of what you could offer to support your clients:

  • Visualizing property listings and rentals on the map, with related descriptive information and administrative data,
  • Supporting detailed address search, querying properties for sale or rent in a given area,
  • Advanced search of points of interest in the vicinity of a certain property,
  • Special routing services targeted to analysis of a property’s distance from given points of interest or from public transport (how good the connections are to important establishments and transport means),
  • Thematic maps visualizing statistics on different districts, areas of a settlement (e.g. how clean, safe, quiet etc. the area, price levels).

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