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MAPCAT Beta - Test our new OSM-based worldwide map


Feedback on MAPCAT Beta

The moment we all have been waiting for has arrived, and we have published our test site on maps.mapcat.com !!!!!



With this site, we offer you an exclusive opportunity to have a sneak-view to test our new, OpenStreetMap-based worldwide map portal before the crowd. So please, check it out and let us know your opinion. We would really appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. We are developing this site for YOU and would like to build a map that fulfills all your requirements.

Directly on the site
(see below guides)

Contact us in social media

Send us an email:

On-site feedback

On our site you will see a feedback button, placed on the top of the right menu.


Let us know your opinion about MAPCAT

When you open the feedback window you can add a new feedback or click on the Support Community button and read through all the previous remarks.

If you have some good idea, question or noticed any bugs or just want to tell your opinion click on the Add a new one button.

Add new feedback about MAPCATThen, you can write a header which should contain the main topic. Under that you can go into more details and also select the type of your post. ( Ideas, Questions, Bugs or Praises).


How to add feedback on MAPCATFinally, don’t forget to tell  us your e-mail address, so we can reply and let you know about the developments.

Before adding a new feedback you have the opportunity to check the comments made by others. Just clicking on the  Support community button.

Here you can read through all the remarks. You are also able to comment on the posts if you have something to add or simply vote if you agree/disagree with the remark.

support comm details

We will review each comment and reply at the shortest possible timing.


Please note that the current beta launch will not cover all planned features, but at least the basic and most important ones. Later on, several updates will come, including the go-live of our business services.

Please also feel free to share the info with any of your friends in the OSM-community or interested in maps for business.

Thanks a lot and looking forward to hearing from you,


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