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MAPCAT screenshot - map tiles

Get to know our services: vector&raster maps

Our objective is to provide your business gorgeous maps, refined search and multi-profile directions as a professional service. According to your choice, we will offer you beautiful vector or raster (png) map tiles working with high speed, based on the…

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MAPCAT for fleet management

Fleet management with MAPCAT

Are your operating a taxi or freight company? Is your company in the rescue or security sector? Then you surely need a fleet management system, supported by a detailed and reliable GIS engine. Save your company time and money with…

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maps for business

MAPCATs are clever

That’s why we provide professional services for business use, too. Embedding, visualization, routing, search and much more…   We turn OpenStreetMap, the world’s most detailed and dynamic community-edited map database, into beautiful custom maps. Furthermore, we build easy-to-access tools, and provide these as cloud-services to…

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Unity3d map module for mobile apps

MAPCATs love to play

… just like most of us. That’s why we’ve decided to make our map available for mobile game/app developers. Our Unity 3d map API The Unity 3D game module will come together with the map site. It will provide you a…

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