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MAPCAT companyWho’s behind MAPCAT?

A team of experienced professionals, all passionate about maps and having worked with GIS or navigation businesses for years. After a successful 
local map portal and various B2B projects, now we are committed to creating added value for the worldwide audience as well.

2 offices (Budapest and Veszprém, Hungary)
24 collaborators and growingMAPCAT team photo Altogether 150  years experience in GIS
Age diversity: between 21 and 57
Gender balance: 25% women and growing 🙂
3.6 navigation gadgets per person
4.2 mailboxes per person
6 Pokémon masters
23 pets
13 kids
hobbies: cycling, diving, travel, handicraft, tabletop games, LARP, bodybuilding, maps, sleeping


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24/7 we strive for providing you the best possible map services. Nevertheless, you might still find issues or inconveniences.

Please let us know about your experience with our services, as well as your ideas about future development, and we will make all efforts to deploy them. We strongly believe that our users are the ones who know the product the most, which make you the most valuable source of insights.

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