Terra Nullius – blank spots on the world map

Have you ever dreamt of being a ruler of your own territory? Our history contains lots of conquests, but the Earth is so huge. So does it surprise you if I say that we missed some “spots”? There are unoccupied…

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Local language handling on mapcat

MAPCATs exist in many breeds

Luckily, we understand MEOW in all languages and reflect it on the map. On, you will find all map text in your local language, and of course, it applies also to your searches. We will give a recommendation at…

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Fast and easy map editing in OSM

MAPCATs are quick (when they want)

We also don’t want to keep you waiting, so we’ve developed our real-time map editing function for you.   We strongly believe that YOU (our users, private or business) have the most accurate location-based information and together we can make…

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Car, bicycle, pedestrian routing

MAPCATs always find their way home

Especially with our route planner, no matter if they drive, walk, cycle or use public transport will offer you world-class routing services for cars, bicycles, pedestrians as well as public transport. All of them are based on the highly detailed,…

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Meow! Nice to meet U!

Hi there, RU ready for a CATTING EDGE MAP EXPERIENCE? I’m MAPCAT, proudly presenting you my new map portal.  It’s coming soon, so you’d better sign up for updates not to miss the launch. Who is behind MAPCAT? A team…

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